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Welcome to Krishna Counselling!!! We are one of the top meditation centers in Rishikesh!

Our main duty is to introduce you to yourself and guide you on a good path all through our camp. We suggest you a great solution to come out from serious problems through a different type of meditation. To be frank, we do not want to guide you. Instead, we will give you a better vision to understand the circumstances and situations. Based on that, you can get the idea of solving the problems on your own. For that, our meditation camp in Rishikesh can be most useful for you. We stand with you in the whole situation and help you to face challenges through some interesting meditation. We never let you suffer alone in hard circumstances once you start trusting us. We help you with letting you know about life problems you may face in the future and make you face them much better.


In order to understand spirituality, you must have to understand the difference between religion and spirituality. We help you to give your spiritual meditation based on your spiritual belief and religion. Therefore, you can do spiritual meditation based on your religious ethics. As we are having experts from all religions, so they will guide you through such a path and make you get rid of stress and depression.


You must be clear that single means alone and it does not mean lonely. Most of the people never have peace of mind when they are alone. In case you are suffering from such issues, our medication course helps you stay single without any hurdles and worries.


In case you could not able to live peacefully with your partner and always getting misunderstanding, then come to us and find a great solution for that. The medication camp we are conducting can help you to control your emotion and anger. Therefore, you can live peacefully with your partner.

Meditation & counseling

Generally, there are 2 major categories of persons are available: 1st. Shravak, Shravika 2nd. Sadhak, Sadhavi They can be helpful for you in most of the situations and sure you can able to come out various problems immediately and stay peaceful in your life. You should never miss the chance of getting rid of from serious problem through the meditation and counselling problem immediately in a most advanced manner now.



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Moksha / Enlightenment. the stages of it all mean that you become aware that their is no death.
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Easy ways to transform the life by understanding it

The mankind is so habitual of sorrow. that they can seek it also in the lap of God . Because we don’t want to understand His will .